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Aug 4, 2016
These 5 Things Happen To Your Brain And Body After A Digital Detox

1. You will be in tune with what’s around you. When we’re plugged into our devices, it’s easy to live everyday in a digital box and not even recognize what’s around us. I won’t go as far as saying that phones and other gadgets turn us into zombies, but we let the beauty of everyday life pass us by and we are not really present when we become overly reliant on them. We fail to take in the smells, sights, and sounds of life because we are too preoccupied with watching the next episode of a show and we just HAVE to know what Tiffany posted on Instagram this morning. 2 . Better Conversations. Hashtags and viral videos are not real forms of conversation. I’m talking about sharing your perspective with someone, them giving you theirs, facilitating a deep exchange and learning through face to face interaction, These are the deep conversations that occur when we’re not so plugged in. In a world where answers and points of views are so often influenced by others, unplugging forces YOU to really think about issues and the goings-on of the world and share YOUR ideas. 3. New Mindset. It’s amazing the changes that occur in people’s lives when they unplug for a while. You will probably find yourself getting back into some of those great things that you used to do like your gym routine. Because you’re not constantly distracted, you will be able to use this time to focus and take care of the things that need to be taken care of. You may find yourself using this offline time to refresh relationships, make career changes, and try other things that usually ranked lower on your priority list than Netflix and Instagram. 4. Memory enhancement. How many of you know 3 phone numbers off the top of your head? Yeah… I thought so. We are so dependent on our devices to store all of our information that we don’t even realize how we’re negatively affecting our minds. I think of the good old days when I could remember everybody’s number- now that’s down to my parents’ and my sister’s. Apart from phone numbers, unplugging aids us to be a lot more present in interactions, therefore making it easier to remember even the most obscure details about people and things.This is extremely important because those, “Wow, I can’t believe you even remember that” moments are usually accompanied by laughter and stories that aid in the bonding and learning process. 5. Happier and healthier. We all know of that tech-driven anxiety, that fear of missing out on the latest event, conversation, product or content posting. It can lead to internet addiction (yes, it’s a thing) and unnecessary stress. When you unplug, it allows you to put things into perspective and focus on what’s important in your life. You will start to have better relationships, be healthier, and happier. There have been countless cases and studies that demonstrate nothing but positives when it comes to taking a tech break. Unplug for a while and start seeing positive changes in your life! There’s much more than just these 5 points but these are the ones that really hit me when I took a 3 month tech hiatus. All of these things manifested themselves almost instantly and got me thinking about what’s really important. I am plugged in pretty regularly because of business reasons and also to be aware of what’s going on in our world. That’s the beauty of tech devices, they bring the world right to you. If your morning ritual involves checking all your social networks and then rechecking them two minutes after, you may be in need of a digital detox.

Posted at 09:22 pm by huhweu
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Jul 29, 2016
Let Your Will, Not Mine, Be Done

Can I be honest with you? There are days when I just don't feel like getting up in the morning. I'm noticing this a lot lately because the weather is changing and it's pretty cold early in the morning when I awake to start my day. There are days when I move that IWC price blanket off of me and quickly snatch it back because it's too cold to get up. I know I HAVE to get up, especially because it's cold and I know I have to turn the heat on so it's warm when the rest of my family gets up to start their day. But, if I had to be honest with myself, there are plenty of days that I want to simply roll back over and get a couple of more hours of sleep. I simply don't feel like getting up and doing my morning rituals -like praying and thanking God for the miracles He has in store for me for the day; like meditating or exercising (well, since the truth is be told, I sometimes, even on my most motivated days, find a reason to skip this step); like reviewing my goals and taking time to visualize them manifesting in my life. Sometimes, I SIMPLY DON"T FEEL LIKE IT. There are even times when I don't feel like being positive, motivating others, writing these articles, conducting my radio show, putting on a presentation, helping others, or taking care of my other responsibilities. But it is at these moments when I remember Jesus. Remember, right before he was betrayed by Judas at Gethsemane, he was praying because He was struggling with the thoughts of not wanting to do want He was called to do. He was praying because he said, "the spirit is willing but the body is weak." He knew that God's English playgroup hong kong_Victoria (Upper Kornhill) Nursery - established playgroup programme in Hong Kong since 2010. English and Chinese speaking playgroup hk staff will interact with students to create a bilingual learning atmosphere. will was that He be crucified. He knew it because He lived according to His spirit and not His body-the human part of Him. Now, me doing a presentation or getting up in the morning to meditate and pray can in no way be compared to what Jesus had to do. And, I'm NOT, in any way, trying to imply that the two are even remotely similar. But I am trying to point out how Jesus lived by the spirit and no matter what his body, the human part of Him wanted or was suggesting that He do, He was strong enough in his spirit that he was always able to overcome that feeling of not allowing the body to rule his life. But that's what we do. I'm guilty too. We KNOW what we are supposed to do. We have all the answers that we will ever need to live a God-fearing, purpose-filled life of abundance and prosperity. But, yet, we ignore the spirit. The spirit is God's way of communicating with us. God wants us to do certain things that He is instructing us to do. Yet, our bodies, our egos, our human function, seem to overtake our spiritual commands and we end up living lives that are unhappy, unprosperous, unsuccessful and unfulfilling-and have the nerve to wonder way. "Let Your will be done." If you were to incorporate this one line into your life-I mean REALLY incorporate it into your life where everything you do, whether it goes against what you want to do at that moment, and always let God's will be done-by following your spirit AT ALL TIME, regardless of what your ego, your body, your conscious is wanting you to do--you will find that your life will be completely happy, prosperous, successful and fulfilling. Why? Because once you learn, and I mean REALLY learn, that you are a spiritual being incased in flesh, which is called the BODY and that you are to follow, listen to and obey your spirit-completely and unconditionally -you will be able to live a more abundant life. Like everything else, it takes practice. And, I don't care how often you practice it, there will still be times when YOU will get in the way of your spirit and not want to get out of bed because it's so much more comfortable and cozy at this moment than getting out of reenex facial bed and meditating, or praying, or reading some index cards filled with goals. But after a while, with a bit of practice, when NOT doing the thing or things that your spirit is leading you to do, a small voice will come to you, in a whisper at first but then turn into a SHOUT, "LET YOUR WILL, NOT MINE, BE DONE!" And, when it does-WATCH OUT!! God will be moving in your life and you will be headed for a wonderful, blissful, God - filled, aw-inspiring life. When it happens to you, make sure to send me an email and tell me all about it. Oh, I hope it's not too cold that morning because I might not feel like getting up and reading it. (smile)

Posted at 09:45 pm by huhweu
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Jul 6, 2014
The blood becomes too thick and raises our blood pressure.

He told BBC News: "If you and I go up to high altitude, we'll immediately have various negative physiological pola ba effects. We'll be out of breath, we might suffer from altitude sickness.

"After a little while, we'll try to compensate for this by producing more red blood cells. But because we're not adapted to the high altitude environment, our response would be maladaptive - we would produce too many red blood cells.

"The blood becomes too thick and raises our blood pressure, placing us at risk of stroke and pre-eclampsia (in pregnant women)."

But Tibetans pola ba are protected against these risks by producing fewer red blood cells at high altitude. This keeps their blood from thickening.

The Tibetan variant of EPAS1 was discovered by Prof Nielsen's team in 2010. But the researchers couldn't explain why it was so different from the DNA sequences found in all other humans today, so they looked to more ancient genome sequences for an answer.

"We compared it to Neanderthals, but we couldn't find a match. Then we compared it to Denisovans pola ba and to our surprise there was an almost exact match," he explained.

He says the interbreeding event with Denisovans probably happened very long ago.

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Jan 13, 2014
The risks to public health

The risks to public health from fracking for shale gas are low, according to a new official report.

Any problems publicised so far - such as in the US - are the result of operational failure or poor regulationInvisalign.

The study, by Public Health England, an agency of the Department of Health, reviewed the latest research.

It focused on the risks of emissions of the chemicals used in fracking and radioactive material released with the gas.

The central conclusion is that "potential risks to public health from exposure to the emissions associated with shale gas extraction are low if the operations are properly run and regulated".

The report recommends environmental monitoring through the lifetime of any project and public disclosure of chemicals used in the fracking fluid.

The findings have been welcomed by the government which is pressing for the development of shale gas in the UK.

Environmental campaigners opposed to fracking say the study highlights the risks and the lack of oversight.

So far exploratory fracking has been limited to one site in Lancashire but the British Geological Survey (BGS) estimates UK shale could yield 150 billion cubic metres of gas, so commercial interest is growing.
US example

The report draws on American research to conclude that though pollutants can enter the air from gas flaring or leaks, "these emissions are relatively small, intermittent and certainly not unique to shale gas extraction…"

One quoted study - from the Barnett Shale in Texas in 2010 - found 70 individual volatile organic compounds including ethane, propane, butane and pentanes close to shale gas activity but observed these to be "localised" and significantly diminished downwind.

But the authors recognise that there is relatively little evidence to go on - the only detailed peer reviewed study of the impact of air emissions was published last year by the Colorado School of Public HealthMaggie Beauty

That work found that people living within half-a-mile of gas wells had an elevated risk of health conditions including neurological and respiratory effects.

However the Colorado study was criticised for having a small sample size and the Public Health England report says local weather and topography may mean that similar results may not be likely in Britain.

The PHE report acknowledges that extracting shale gas could produce residues containing naturally-occurring radioactive materials - but it argues that these risks would be similar to those in the existing oil and gas industry.

On the dangers of groundwater being contaminated, the study quotes a 2011 paper by MIT researchers who found that nearly half of 43 pollution incidents were related to drilling operations - mainly because of faulty sealing of wells.
Homework marks

According to the PHE study, American experience points to surface spills of chemicals being the most likely to affect water sources.

However it points out that 99% of drinking water in England comes from heavily-regulated water companies so the risk is "considered minimal". The remainder who get their water from private wells are "particularly vulnerable" - but "high quality well integrity" should protect water sources.

Another risk examined is from the chemicals used in the fracking process. An American study found 75% of them could affect skin, eyes and breathing while 25% are carcinogenic.

For that reason, the PHE study calls for full disclosure of the chemicals used and strict enforcement of chemicals handling and of well design.

Overall, the study concludes that the well-publicised problems experienced in the US may not be replicated in the UK because of differences in geology, operation and regulation.iphone 3 cases

Posted at 01:50 am by huhweu
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